Make Hundreds Of Dollars With Market Research Panels

Market research panels are a good way to supplement your income. There a number of them that offer generous paid studies for your opinions on various products or just your experiences for different things. You can check your local Craigslist to see if there are any in your area or simply google “market research panels near me”. In order to help you out, I have provided a short list to get you started (only eligible for citizens of the United States). You can sign-up for these panels online and then receive emails on a regular basis for studies you may qualify for. Since these are not surveys, but studies the pay rate is higher; normally anywhere from $100 to $300 on average. It is not easier to qualify for these studies because you have to fit a certain demographic each time and respond as soon as possible (because spots fill up fast), so my advice to you is to keep trying because eventually you will qualify and it will be worth it. I’ve done various studies with multiple market research panels (the more you join, the better) and have earned over $1000 from 8 different studies. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Acne Research Study: $275
  2. Journal Study: $150
  3. Grocery Study: $90 (increased by $30 from the initial stated payout)
  4. Calendar Study: $300
  5. Exam Study: $90
  6. Hygiene Study: $125
  7. Makeup Study: $30
  8. Makeup Study 2: $30

These are actually better because they take less time to earn a higher payout and they’re always interesting. I cannot go in depth about these studies, but each study you encounter will require different tasks. Some less than others, and some more. Sometimes you also get free stuff along with the paid study! Here is my recommended panels to get you started and remember there’s always more out there:

  1. Q-Insights 
  2. Accelerant Research
  3. WatchLab
  4. L&E Research
  5. Eisen Research
  6. AlphaBuzz


Good luck on your financial journey!