Top 6 Cashback Apps for 2019

If you are looking for ways to reach your 2019 financial goals, whether it’s saving money or earning more, these apps can help! Read about the six apps that improve your finances and increase your supplemental income. Who doesn’t love a little extra cash? You can use the extra money towards savings, paying off debt, or having a fun night out!

  1. Ibotta (total earnings $330) – Ibotta is the ultimate cashback app. Use my referral link, , and get $10 just for signing up and redeeming your first offer. You can use it as an app on your phone or you can use their website. You can earn cashback from grocery stores, mass merchandisers (Wal-mart, Target, etc…), department stores (Macy’s, etc…), Uber, online retailers such as Amazon, Blue Apron and so much more.

2. Fetch Rewards (total earnings $20) – Scan receipts from grocery stores and earn points towards giftcards (Amazon, BestBuy, AMC, Sephora, XBOX, Athleta, Aeropostale, Itunes and the list goes on) .  Use “XK8QT” for 4000 points after your first scan (you can redeem a reward at 3000).

3. Receipt Hog (total earnings $50) – Very similar to Fetch Rewards but you can also earn points towards real cash!

4. NCP Mobile Panel – Scan the product barcodes, scan the receipt and get point towards $25 or $50 giftcards for Amazon or OverStock!

5. Swagbucks (total earnings $1085.48) – Swagbucks is not only an amazing survey site but also a cashback app as well. You can scan your receipts, answer a few questions, and get cashback/points you can redeem for real cash or giftcards. You can also download coupons, redeem coupons for savings and also earn points towards cashing out. You can also get cashback from online shopping! Swagbucks has remained one of my favorite sources of online income since 2014. I’ve earned $828 from this site alone.

6. Ebates (total earnings $108) – Ebates is a great source to earn cashback online from a variety of retailers such as: PacSun, Walgreens, Etsy, Abercombie & Fitch, JCPenneys, Macy’s, Sephora, Microsoft, Puma, Verizon, Gymboree, Old Navy, and many more.

Get Cashback with Ibotta (GROCERIES) & Uber (RIDESHARE)!

If you find yourself using Uber often as well as cashback grocery apps then Ibotta has a good deal for you. As someone who uses ride sharing apps often, I came across Ibotta’s renovated app after taking a break from it for awhile. If you use Ibotta or would like to start earning cashback on groceries just sign-up here. You’ll also earn anywhere from a $5-$10 bonus just for signing-up! If you don’t currently have an uber account, use this code: kianab67ue and get a free first ride! So let me sum everything up for you.

1) Sign-up with Ibotta for ($5-$10) sign-up bonus
2) Sign-up with Uber for free ride credit
3) Link your Ibotta and Uber Account
4) Activate the Uber $1.00 cashback deal on Ibotta for each ride with Uber
5) Make sure you OPEN the IBOTTA app FIRST, and then open UBER THROUGH IBOTTA. This is how you’ll receive credit.
6) After each completed ride, you’ll receive a $1.00 to your Ibotta account and with a certain amount of rides you’ll receive $5 or more towards your Uber account.

I’ve earned over $20 with Ibotta for the cashback via Uber and earned $10 in credit towards my rides. You can save too, take advantage of this offer while it still lasts! Comment with any questions below.

*This is ideal for anyone who uses Uber or other rideshare programs frequently and would like to earn cashback/discounts toward their future rides.This is also ideal for anyone who can use download phone apps.

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